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Natalie Boot

Insight TV
Global Vice President, FAST & Content Distribution
Natalie is a leading force within FAST, overseeing 6 digital channels for Insight TV globally - Channels including INFAST, INTROUBLE, INWILD, INWONDER, INBITES, and INSPOTLIGHT. Using dynamic scheduling and forming key partnerships for blocks of content, Insight TV’s FAST suite of channels keep growing, with recent partnerships including Beyond, Zig Zag and Monster. Natalie’s global platform partnerships include Samsung TV Plus, LG, Vizo, Fubo TV, Amazon Freevee, Philo, Plex, Xiaomi, Rakuten, Sports Tribal, and Pluto, enabling Insight TV’s Millenial and Gen-Z focused content to reach a broader audience, with over 179 platforms across 57 Countries in 12 languages. Looking ahead, Natalie is excited about Insight TV's upcoming original productions within the next 12 months, solidifying their position in the FAST market.