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Amanda Jordyn Gillie

Head of Device/TV Media
As the Head of TV and Device Media, Amanda reports the the SVP of Marketing overseeing the majority of Sling TV’s acquisition marketing budgets. She manages Sling’s upper funnel brand marketing and partner marketing department, a team of experienced marketers tasked with disrupting the pay TV industry by coming alongside streaming’s biggest broadcast, streaming network, OS, and OEM partners to make signing up for Sling as easy as possible. In a world where platform partners like Roku have over 30k apps, it’s no easy task to stand out, but Amanda has taken the challenge head on. During her four year tenure at Sling, Amanda's expertise in OEM/OS partnerships, on-device OTT advertising, linear TV, product-marketing integrations, and marketing extensions across programmatic display, search, social, and email has led to significant growth, measurable results, and the first-ever proven profitable return on marketing investments for on-device advertising. A former CBS and Paramount Pictures alum, Amanda is no stranger to the entertainment industry and the transition from traditional to streaming television. She is passionate about the industry and has proven time and time again she’s willing to pioneer new initiatives and won’t take “no” for an answer. Amanda’s innovative, collaborative, and competitive spirit, coupled with a data-driven holistic business mindset, has modernized and shaped not only Sling’s approach to traditional pay TV, OTT, and partner marketing, but the industry’s approach as a whole. For her disruptive work, Amanda was awarded the “Dish Network Distinguished Service Award” in 2022 and recognized as a top 100 employee. At CBS Television, Amanda managed strategy and execution for CBS Television sports and entertainment partners, leading more than 50 campaigns a year to drive sales revenue, increased ROI, and brand awareness for advertisers. She developed, planned and executed sales-marketing campaigns, sports and entertainment sponsorships, and events that delivered outstanding results. Her unparalleled work earned her the “New Business Development Award” at CBS Television for bringing in more incremental business than any other Account Executive. Amanda’s unique experience and determination have transformed Sling’s TV & Device Media team and in a few short years, she has driven remarkable growth and results that have been a key factor in Sling’s success.